Before he formed t q d with Royal-T and Flava D, DJ Q had been churning out bouncy, 4x4 bangers and cementing his position right at the top of the bassline hierarchy.

Deservedly celebrated by newcomers and OGs alike, Q's productions balanced catchy, pop sensibilities and club territory like no one else before him. Now he's preparing for the release of his own FABRICLIVE session (due July 20), and he's got one or two gems to share in advance. Today's diamond is this collab with Jack Junior, "Badbwoy Sound", a futuristic, soulful bassline jam. Naturally, his trademark sound is stamped all over it with wobbly bass and some gorgeously syrupy vocals.

As Q explains below, his FABRICLIVE.99 features almost solely unreleased cuts so expect more than a few surprises inside. 

A lot of your time recently has been spent working on t q d stuff. Does it take a while to readjust to working on your own?

Not at all, because I'm always in the studio constantly working on solo stuff.

Bassline and UKG seem to be in great health right now. Is there anything you'd like to see more or less of in both genres?

I'd like to see more songs with vocalists. There's a lot of talented producers in the scene now and I know some of them would sound wicked working with more vocalists.

What can we look forward to from your FABRICLIVE mix? Any gems in there you're particularly proud of?

There's all the exclusive, unreleased music to look forward to. All but one song on in the mix is previously unreleased. There's new music from myself as well as VIP mixes of previously released tracks. I've got a few exclusives from other producers as well.

What have you got coming up that we should know about?

There's always things coming up, whether that be singles or remixes. There's quite a few collaborations in the process of being finished off too, working with some familiar names as well as some up-and-coming producers.

What are your long-terms plans and goals?

To take over the world!