It’s ballin’ season.

With just a few more days until the Season 3 premiere of Ball in the Family, Facebook has shared a promotional music video for Zo’s latest track named after his family’s reality show. And it’s pretty much everything you’d expect from the Ball clan.

The visual, arriving exclusively on Complex, finds LaVar, Lonzo, LiAngelo, LaMelo, and Lonzo's trainer and manager Darren Moore repping the Big Baller Brand while showing off their b-ball skills, throwing stacks, and living it up with their adoring fans.

“See me posting with the fam/See me posting the brand/Y’all just do it for the ‘gram/And we do it for the fans,” Lonzo raps in the opening verse. "Everybody see me ballin’/Big ballin, I be with my brothers […] People hatin’ on the brand/Three Bs never sorry, nah/Big ballers makin’ boss moves […] Red demon on the ZO2.”

You have to hand it to the Balls: they know how to plug their products like nobody’s business.

“The main subject is my family—i just wanted to focus on that, make a hook that was just catchy, that people can just, you know, sing a long to,” Lonzo told Complex about the track. “We got a big family, so it wasn’t really hard to write.”

The single, produced by Briane Jones, also includes a guest verse by Lonzo’s young brother LiAngelo. Zo says he wanted to show the world that he wasn’t the only member of the Ball family who could rap.

You can check out the track’s music video above.

The new single arrives less than four months after Lonzo delivered his debut project, Born 2 Ball. The Lakers point guard said he's been working on new rap material, and expects to drop another full-length project in the near future. Perhaps we'll get a taste of his upcoming music in the new season of Ball in the Family

“Expect some new power moves coming, for one. And for two, you’ll see the family aspect of it—both the good and the bad,” Lonzo explained. “And three, you’ll gonna see us all together having a good time. People growing up—‘Gelo on his path; Melo finding his way […] just having fun, man.”

The upcoming season will follow the Ball family as they take on new roles and adventures: LiAngelo pursuing his NBA dreams; LaMelo doing his thing in the JBA; and Lonzo preparing to welcome his first child with his high school sweatheart, Denise Garcia.

Season 3 of Ball in the Family premieres this Sunday (June 10) on Facebook Watch.