It appears Drake isn’t the alleged “deadbeat” dad who Pusha-T has made him out to be.

In the days since King Push bluntly accused the Toronto rapper of hiding a secret child, more and more details have surfaced regarding Drake’s rumored paternity. Several sites have already reported that Drizzy has provided financial support for his alleged baby mama, Sophie Brussaux, even before the child in question was born. Though some insiders claim Drake is now awaiting the results of a DNA test, sources with ties to Sophie claim paternity tests have already revealed that Drake is the baby’s biological father.

Though he was not present for the child’s birth, sources told TMZ that the rapper has visited his son, named Adonis, “multiple times.” The insiders also claim Drake chartered a jet for Sophie and the baby so they could all spend Christmas together. The outlet also shared a photo of the mother and child boarding a private aircraft on Christmas Eve of 2017. Could this be the jet that Drake allegedly secured for them? It’s unclear at this point.

Sources also told TMZ that Drake and Adonis shared the same initials, ADG, as well as the same birthday, Oct. 24.

The 6 God has yet to publicly address these love child rumors, however, when his father, Dennis Graham, was recently asked about his role as a grandfather, he replied: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Stay tuned as the story unfolds.