After months of speculation, it seems that Bella Hadid and The Weeknd might officially be back together. According to Daily Mail, the pair was spotted getting dinner together in Paris. This report comes after the two were caught smooching at Cannes at the beginning of May. Where better to rekindle a romance than the most romantic country in the world?

Rumors about the couple getting back together have been circulating for a couple months now, ever since reports came out that the pair was “kissing all night” at Coachella back in April. Hadid shot down claims that it was her Abel Tesfaye was macking on, but now there’s no denying the pair is hanging out once again.

TMZ managed to get a video of the two lovebirds not only spending a lot of time together at a Cannes Film Festival party, but also kissing unlike how you might kiss your good friend or ex. 

Perhaps it was Abel pouring his heart out on My Dear Melancholy that brought the two back together. On the heart-wrenching mini-album, The Weeknd supposedly sings about both Bella and his other celebrity ex, Selena Gomez. Just weeks after Abel’s split with Gomez, him and Bella were reportedly hanging out, and he was spotted leaving Bella’s New York apartment.

Their latest public outing seems to be the final indication that things are back on between the couple after nearly two years apart. The Weeknd even included a snap of Bella’s hands in his Instagram story. If that’s not a sweet reunion, I don’t know what is.