From the sounds of things, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is keeping himself very busy. Boogie recently shared his latest EP The International Artist, but as Billboard learned, he's got even more music on the way. Speaking with Billboard at the 2018 BET Awards, Boogie revealed, "I was just trying to make a bigger fan-base before my album drops."

He continued, "Besides that, I got a whole lot of people in my crew that sings different styles, so I thought it was important for me to bring that kind of energy out there." Boogie also said that he might have a collaborative project with Tory Lanez on the way, adding, "We got a few songs together. We just got to link up together and finish more songs. From there, we can do the damn thing."

But Lanez isn't the only person he's got a lot of songs already finished with. "It's the same shit with me and Thugger," Boogie teased. "We got like six joints together, but you know me, I like to create more music and then just put it out." It remains to be seen when we'll get to hear what he's been working on with Young Thug, but it's definitely sounding promising already.

Talking about his chemistry on record with Lanez, Boogie explained, "Me and Tory Lanez got good chemistry together. We could make a song so easy, but we always like to figure out what we're really doing. We can make a good song, but it gotta make sense. Our melody game is crazy. We everywhere with that shit. Shout-out to Tory Lanez."