It was about a month ago when Kanye West tweeted the release date of Pusha T’s highly anticipated third studio album. Needless to say, it was an exciting announcement; however, there was some mild skepticism surrounding the drop for two main reasons: 1) Fans have been waiting on the oft-delayed King Push project since 2014. And, 2) Kanye was making a habit of tweeting a bunch of questionable shit.

Well, just days before King Push’s reported release date, his longtime manager, Steven Victor, has reassured DJ Booth that the album will arrive this Friday. Victor is also the EVP and head of A&R at Def Jam Records, which is G.O.O.D. Music's parent label. The music exec teased the project over the weekend, sharing a screenshot of a text conversation in which he called King Push “flawless.”

Last week, Kanye posted a Twitter video that featured a white board that appeared to reveal the official tracklist for Pusha's forthcoming project. The clip showed eight song titles listed under “Push.” The names included “If You Know U Know,” “Come Back Baby,” “Hard Piano,” and “Santaria.”

Many suspect Pusha's forthcoming album, dropping May 25, is called King Push; however, Scott Vener, a music supervisor and host of OTHERtone on Beats 1, has shared a screenshot of what appears to be a digital copy of the album with the title Daytona

Hip-hop outlet Urban Legends also tweeted that Pusha's album is now called Daytona.