Back in January, YoungBoy Never Broke Again announced that March 2 would see the release of his debut album, Until Death Call My Name. Unfortunately for his fans, that proved untrue—and unfortunately for YoungBoy, it was due to some serious legal issues the Baton Rouge rapper was facing, which included charges of felony kidnapping and aggravated assault. With the album’s release tentatively rescheduled for April 27, YoungBoy seems eager to get that completed music out to his fans—going so far as to drop a new track called “Nicki Minaj” and sending his fans and record label, Atlantic Records, a message.

According to HotNewHipHop, the loose track uploaded to YoungBoy’s official YouTube account on Saturday is essentially about the type of woman YoungBoy is looking for. Throughout the track, he’s pining for the ideal kind of woman to complement his needs. “One who are me, go to war, do anything for me, always go hard for me, never lie, now that’s real loyalty,” he croons.

More importantly, though, is what he doesn’t say on the record, but posted in the YouTube description field: a message to his fans and his label alike.

“Tell the label drop my album or I'm releasing what don't matter until then,” it reads. This tells us two pretty important things, in terms of YoungBoy’s current mindset and the potentially conflicting strategies of him and his label. While Atlantic Records rescheduled Until Death Call My Name for an April 27 release, YoungBoy seems adamant that they better keep their word. He’s also assuring his fans that should anything else get in the way of his music getting out to them, he’ll take care of it directly, by himself. The release of this new song looks like a strong indication that he isn’t playing around.

On the other hand, this could be the kind of strategic marketing that largely goes unnoticed by the public who isn’t in tune with what goes on behind-the-scenes at record labels and their release methods. It's highly possible that YoungBoy is angry with his label for rescheduling his debut album's release date, thereby possibly influencing the numbers it'll do. It's also possible that YoungBoy and Atlantic are on the same page, and this is merely a ploy and release strategy to get fans back on the hype train.

For now, all we can do is listen to the new track and maintain our anticipation for the rapper’s debut. He certainly seems eager for us to hear it.