Rihanna's Fenty Beauty dynasty continues with a launch in Saudi Arabia.

Shortly after Fenty Beauty unleashed their new luminizer products "body lava" and "beach, please," which have already sold out, RiRi announced that her extremely popular makeup brand will be heading to Saudi Arabia on Twitter.

The news also comes days after Saudi Arabia ended its 35-year-ban on theatrical releases by allowing Black Panther to be shown in its movie theaters.

Fenty Beauty is already available in the Middle East. Back in September, it launched in Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. One of the central motives behind Fenty is maintaining a diverse selection of products in order to appeal to a global clientele. Rihanna told ET back in September that, "all women deserve to feel beautiful and all women deserve to have a choice and an option when they go to the makeup counter."

It turns out that this is an opportune time for beauty products to enter the Saudi Arabia market as well. In a 2017 report, EuroMonitor International found that more people are buying beauty and personal care products in Saudi Arabia than ever before.

"The increasing number of Saudi men and women joining the labor force positively impacted the demand for beauty and personal care products, maintaining market development and preventing a sharp decline," it read. "Newly employed Saudis were also keen on making a good impression in their workplace; therefore they paid more attention to their personal grooming and appearance."

Fenty Beauty will arrive in Saudi Arabia on April 19.