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It seems that everyone is a huge fan of Cardi B these days, and thanks to a video of her in high school, the Bronx rapper has bagged herself another super famous fan. A clip of Cardi enthusiastically covering Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" surfaced on Twitter over the weekend, and fans of both artists immediately started to freak-out. 

Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, Lady Gaga has noticed. Turns out, she's a huge fan of Cardi, too.

A lot of Gaga's fans were quick to point out that Cardi is still a huge fan of Lady Gaga, saying that she is her dream collaboration when asked about who she'd like to work with at the VMAs last year. "I love you bitch," she yells into the camera.

Whether Gaga finally noticing her will result in some sort of collaboration between the two remains to be seen, but it's clear that Cardi is still game. She hasn't responded to Gaga's shoutout just yet, but with how much attention she's been getting as of late, she probably just hasn't seen the tweet yet. Cardi stays winning.