Killer Mike, who was widely criticized for his NRA TV appearance on the day of the March for Our Lives rally, joined Joy-Ann Reid on MSNBC Sunday night to discuss their recent Instagram misunderstanding.

"I sincerely apologize for the quick judgment and the coarse language that I used, that I feel is appropriate at black barbecues like Steve Harvey says . . . but I shouldn't have used in criticism of us," Mike said at the top of the interview. Mike added that he jumped to conclusions, in part, because of ego. "My fear and impulse was driven by my ego, and our egos can become our masters," he said.

Mike and Reid also discussed that bullshit Starbucks arrest, black gun ownership, and troubling NRA tactics. Around the five-minute mark, Mike attempted to further clarify his intentions for that NRA TV appearance before giving his thoughts on the NRA's pettiness. "I'm sorry that an organization like the NRA has sunk to levels of all of us, all of us have become very petty," Mike said. "What I did was petty, it could be argued what other people from the left and right did was petty, I got threats to my life in my DMs. So I can imagine what you got."

The national conversation that should be happening, according to Mike, is one about rights. "What are the rights that we have that we're going to invoke?" he said. "Are we gonna invite more law enforcement into our life?"

Watch Mike and Reid's full discussion up top.