Pro Era rapper and producer Chuck Strangers recently released his long-awaited debut album Consumers Park, flaunting his talents across 14 stellar tracks. With Strangers producing for everyone in the Brooklyn-based crew and offering up some memorable guest verses, everything comes together perfectly. Upon release, Joey Badass told fans, "If you looking for them classic #PROERA vibes or just a breath of fresh air then you need to bump this now," and he couldn't be more right.

Less than a month after releasing Consumers Park, Strangers is revisiting one the album's most immediate highlights with the video for "Style Wars," which features a Joey verse. Channeling the group's earlier output, it's a refreshing change of pace from some of the more popular hip-hop currently making waves, and the video does a lot to contribute to that feel.


Following Strangers and the rest of Pro Era as they proudly represent New York City, the "Style Wars" video is a well-deserved victory lap that offers a brilliant reason to revisit the project. When we spoke to Strangers, he explained that the record was a long time coming, and that he had been working on some of songs since he was a teenager. "Some of the raps from this album I wrote in like 9th grade; some of the lines," he told us. "You do take your whole life... I think about whole songs that I made back then that were awful, but one line is like, that’s not bad."

Watch the video for "Style Wars" above, and check out Consumers Park below. Learn more about what went into making the LP here.