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In 2016, Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, and Sony were sued by Minneapolis funk band Collage. The complaint alleged that Mars and Ronson’s 2014 hit single “Uptown Funk” was a clear rip-off of the band’s 1983 song, “Young Girls.” The allegations were founded on factors such as rhythm, structure, bass notes and guitar riffs. In an unexpected turn of events, the band has officially dropped its lawsuit against Mars, Ronson, and the publishing company responsible.

If you recall, the lawsuit used wording as direct as “deliberately and clearly copied”—terms indicating Collage definitely felt strongly about their stance on the matter. This no longer appears to be the case, as the debate is now legally wrapped. According to TMZ, both parties have dismissed the suit, agreeing to move on to greener pastures in favor of extending the case any further. The nearly two-year lawsuit has now officially been dropped for good, with any potential remuneration behind closed doors being mere speculation.

It’s likely that both parties have been exhausted by the matter, and just want to move forward with things less taxing than court negotiations, meetings with lawyers, and continuously paying to keep the suit active. As TMZ reports, Mars and Ronson are both still dealing with two other lawsuits covering similar ground, from 1970s girl group The Sequence and 1980s band Zapp & Roger. Whether or not these remaining complaints will conclude like this one, has yet to be seen. As it stands, Mars and Ronson can breathe a little easier, knowing the disagreement has seemingly come to a mutual close.