Back in November, L.A.-based artist Aly Ryan released her debut EP The Misfits, and has since been working on new material, including "Borrow Time" and now "Fans."

While the title may suggest she's crafted an ode to her growing fan base, Ryan instead uses the performance to send a message to her exes, as she tells Complex, "This is a song for every guy who’s ever dumped you and now wants you back 😂"

That message shines through, with Ryan breaking down the scenario. "When things were bad and my sky was falling/I couldn't get none of your time/But you see me doing good, now you want it/Say you can't get me off your mind," she sings over the upbeat production.

Listen to an early stream of "Fans" below; the song will be available on iTunes at midnight (April 4). If you haven't checked out Aly Ryan's EP yet, find it here.