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Singer-songwriter Aly Ryan may be a relatively new face in music, but she's certainly laying down a solid foundation for future success. The Los Angeles-based pop artist by-way-of Germany has two songs to her name: "Donate a Dollar" and "No Parachute," the latter of which has eclipsed the two million streams mark on SoundCloud and continues to rack up plays. She's eyeing a November release for her debut EP, and today she continues to build up anticipation for it by sharing the video for "No Parachute."

"We sleep in our heads/So fuck the things that they said/My whole world's luck/Makes me wanna stay up," she sings on the hook, all the while appearing on screen upside down or falling from the sky with balloons in hand, and she's completely unfazed. 

Ryan broke down the direction behind the visual, saying, “I feel like the artistic theme of skewed reality in the video that conveys the feeling of weightlessness/loss of gravity is the perfect visual to undermine the message of the song.”

Aly Ryan
Image via YouTube

Check out the Robyn August-directed video for "No Parachute" above and grab the single on iTunes. Keep up with Aly Ryan and her latest moves by following her on Twitter and Instagram.