Such is a producer’s life that—despite playing a starring role—they can still manoeuvre with relative anonymity, as Steel Banglez does when he arrives at an East London eatery. People at this restaurant will probably have his songs on their smartphones, but don’t bug him for pictures like they would the artists who bring those instrumentals to life. But this doesn’t matter to Steel Banglez; he knows what’s important, and he does these things well. The music he makes has recently allowed for him to retire his mother and help pay his sisters uni fees, and with tens of millions of plays across Spotify and Apple Music, hes currently viewed as the go-to producer within the British rap scene.

However, life wasn’t always this rosey.

Back in 2014, Steel Banglez fell into a bout of deep depression, following the deportation of UK rap star Cashtastic to Jamaica. Having put all of his energies into the artist, and spent all his life savings on building a new studio, this situation hit the East London native hard. Soon after that, collabs with other artists began to dry up, and things looked bleak. He felt lost for a minute. But all of that changed three years ago, when he unearthed the talents of rappers MoStack and Mist.

In becoming one of the UK’s most impactful producers, Steel Banglez has travelled everywhere from a very dark place, to Diddy’s house, to the charts. It’s been a long journey so far, but this one isn’t close to finishing yet.