For more than a decade, Dirty Danger has lent his talents to a string of classic tracks as foundational MC/producer in early grime crew Ruff Sqwad. Nowfor 2018he returns with a new solo album, Only For The Real, containing messages aimed at the youth who now tread the path he once walked along.

"I just want young black boys to stop killing each other and value their lives," he told Complex, "so making this song was a way for me to express that without sounding like I'm preaching." Portraying a story, with Dirty's rhymes narrating the story, it's loosely autobiographical, in the sense that it could well be the story of himself, but also many others. Before Only For The Real drops next week, refresh yourself on the high-energy, nostalgic sounds of Dirty Danger via the gritty "Run" visuals exclusively above.