Lil Uzi Vert recently took a break from preaching the very good word of Lucifer and the equally very good word of Pop-Tartism, shifting his Twitter topic instead to cryptocurrency.

After promising Wednesday to dole out drip every single day of this year, Uzi asked fans if anyone wanted a "drip coin." While some fans were stoked at the prospect of upping their drip balance, others expressed they would instead prefer new music over new currency.

By Thursday, Uzi had shared a screenshot showing the droplet emoji superimposed over the Bitcoin logo. "Omg don't be 2 late," he said. Promptly, reasonable amounts of hell then broke loose.

Multiple variations on "Dripcoin" are easily Googleable. One, simply called Dripcoin, tweeted at apparent Uzi non-fan Rich the Kid Thursday to offer him a million Dripcoins:

When reached by Complex, a rep for Dripcoin said that Uzi had simply mentioned this cryptocurrency "as an idea," so they went ahead and started it. Uzi currently has no affiliation with Dripcoin, self-described as "the artist's cryptocurrency."

Another unrelated "Dripcoin" provider also ranks high in Google search results, but its domain has expired. 

Anyway, back to Pop-Tarts. After perplexing the nation with Dripcoin chatter, Uzi returned with more wisdom on the proper ingestion process for Kellogg's pre-baked toaster pastries. Specifically, Uzi reminded everyone—including the official Pop-Tarts account—that the "only way" to appropriately enjoy the Strawberry Milkshake flavor was straight out of the freezer. Accurate.