The world of Brockhampton can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. The collective put out a dizzying three albums last year—each of them great—and they just announced their next one: PUPPY comes out this summer. It's time to get on board with the crew, but for Brockhampton that takes some background knowledge. So let’s get the basics out of the way. 

Who are they? (A boyband—they write it as all one word)

Why are there so many members? (The band’s 14 members includes vocalists, producers, graphic designers, and more. They are a one-stop shop enterprise.)

Do they all sing? (Seven of them are regular vocalists. Some sing, some rap, some do both.)

Didn’t they meet on a Kanye West fan forum? (Several members were active and met on a site called Brockhampton is an off-shoot of the 40-person group AliveSinceForever that emerged on KTT. There are members from Texas, Connecticut, Florida, Grenada, and Ireland.)

What’s the deal with the skits and the guy speaking in Spanish? (His name is Roberto. He’s the webmaster and also a recurring character in a story that has yet to be explained.)

Why is everything IN CAPS? (No one knows. It may or may not be important.)

What is a “Helmet Boy”? (A character developed by group member Kevin Abstract that traverses his solo music videos and short video series.)

You may have heard about a Viceland TV Show. It’s called American Boyband, and it details the bands arrival and establishment in Los Angeles. You may have heard about the dozen-plus music videos filmed at their home, the short film called Billy Star, and a rumored feature-length movie.

Plus, there’s a rabid teen fanbase and a subreddit where folks dissect the mysteries of the known Brockhampton universe. It’s one of the best spots for fan memes, updates, and theories. There are mosh pits and raps about being gay. 

Here's what you need to know.