During the NBA All-Star festivities in Los Angeles this weekend, The Killers took the stage and with Charles Barkley in the crowd, the group's lead singer, Brandon Flowers, thought there would be no better time than the present to remind Chuck about the time he gave him a terrible tip for cleaning his golf clubs.

"I never thought I’d play for Charles Barkley over here," Flowers said. "Charles! I cleaned your golf clubs in Las Vegas, Nevada, about 16 years ago. And you gave me five bucks. It was good. You could’ve given me 10 or 20, but you gave me five. But you said, ‘Thank you, little fella.’ And I was happier about that. I carried that with me.”

Barkley didn't seem all that bothered to have Flowers calling him out in the middle of his group's performance. But Chuck was probably also wondering who the hell was this guy on the stage holding onto this gripe over a poor tip from 16 years ago?

"You are so cheap," Shaq quickly added when they went back to the Inside the NBA crew. Barkley claims that he thought he gave Flowers $20 at the time, but it would ridiculous for him to make up something like that on such a big stage.

Oh well, you live and you learn. Right, Chuck? The next person who cleans your golf clubs will not be given such a small tip. Instead, that person will get a minimum of $6.