Roc Marciano—​along with Ka—​revitalized an underground scene in rap, specifically the Northeast tri-state area. Rappers like Jersey's Retch, Dash, Mach-Hommy, and Buffalo's Griselda collective Conway, Westside Gunn, and Benny the Butcher all have Marci and Ka's influence in some form or another. Roc's minimalist approach to beats and rhymes (he handles most of the production on his projects) have made him a cult hero for those thirsting for the days when Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, and CNN ruled the streets of NYC while glitzier rappers like Jay Z and Biggie ruled the airwaves.

With release of his fifth studio album, Rosebudd's Revenge Part 2 (The Bitter Dose), Roc continues his stranglehold on rap's underground. The album dropped yesterday on his site and has yet to hit streaming services (or YouTube), but I decided to dish out the $30 because my income tax hit recently, and I like to support black businesses. Anyway, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper snapped on the self-produced "Muse," and it's my pick for the best rap verse of the month.

"Thank God for Roc Marci
Y'all some carbon copies
These off-brand niggas genuine Jockey
My neck and wrist is rocky
The Tek fit in the Masi
​Might catch me and your wifey like Ron Isley
​R. Kelly in the closet
Gossip, rose petals and chocolates
Compliments to Chef Bronson
A few croissants and watch swans swim
The wine since '89, it was bottled in
Since '89, it was bottled in
Models kissin' my olive skin
Body lotion, candles, Naomi Campbell
Smokin' a camel
Philly 8 taped up, look like a broke the hammo, famo
​All your hammers blow imaginary ammo
Rap out the bando, brand new Lambo, damn, bro
Cut the the top Amber Rose, plus my hands were froze
All my flows like the cannabis, it was cloned
This is amethyst
You niggas food, I brought rolls for sandwiches
I'm no pimp, this is rogue management
I'm into road management
Baby, I was told this do will make the planet spin
Make the planet spin
This can't be it, fancy ambience
We family men
This is candy for kids
I got the jammy up near your pancreas"

We are witnessing the Shakespeare of our time, ladies and gentlemen. Go cop that Bitter Dose, so you too can take in the wisdom of a creative genius.