Sacramento rapper Mozzy has followed up his guest appearance on the Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment-curated Black Panther: The Album with the track “Nobody Knows,” featuring Los Angeles rapper DCMBR and one of TDE’s own, Jay Rock. The song is our first listen of Mozzy’s forthcoming EP Spiritual Conversations, which is slated for a March 2 release.

Earlier in February, Mozzy told Billboard that Spiritual Conversations will be brief, but personal. “So it’s tapping into my spirituality, basically just having a conversation with God. We don’t tend to have conversations with God unless we broke, or someone is recently killed, or we in jail, or something traumatic happened. That’s when everybody turned to God,” he said.

But Mozzy has his eye on something bigger. The fruitful rapper is currently preparing for his second studio album Gangland Landlord, though he has yet to announce a release date. He dropped his first studio album 1 Up Top Ahk last year.

Mozzy has had a good year. Not only did he vow to quit drinking lean, but Lamar also shouted Mozzy out during Lamar’s acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards. “He could have said anything in the world,” Mozzy recently told Complex. “He didn’t have to mention my name. He could have said anything in the world, so for him to just even be sitting in his seat already prepping himself like, ‘If I win, Imma go up there and give my boy a shout-out.’ That’s humongous, man. It recharged my battery. I got to writing raps right after that.”