The only thing more inspiring than the high volume of inverted crosses on Lil Uzi Vert's Twitter is the feed's ability to spark a whole article with just a single tweet. Wednesday, in the wake of Young Thug kinda sorta maybe (but probably not?) changing his name to SEX, Uzi remained the voice of the people by urging Thugger to release some new music.

"Sex need 2 drop some new songs," Uzi said, to immediate calls for some new music of his own.

Monday, Thugger announced the SEX chapter of his career with a pair of tweets. "I'm changing my name to SEX," he said. "[From] now on call me SEX!!!" Uzi's wish will likely be honored, as Thugger's last (temporary) name change preceded the release of his 2016 tape Jeffery. Last year, he dropped Beautiful Thugger Girls (featuring arguably the best song in his catalog) and his Future collab project Super Slimey.

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In an interview with Complex back in October, producer Southside teased that Thugger and Future may be dropping more new music in the Super Slimey vein eventually. "Honestly, these aren't even the hardest 13 songs, this is just like a teaser," Southside, who also revealed that hundreds of songs were recorded during the sessions, said. "They have some very very epic music together."

Thugger's also been spotted working with Travis Barker recently, so he might as well reach out to Uzi about contributing to his possibly Manson-assisted rock album.