In April 2017, Kanye West's The Life of Pablo became the first streaming-only album to go platinum—although some argue otherwise because it was briefly for sale on his website at the time of the project's release. Either way, it became the eighth platinum album of his career.​

Now, almost exactly two years after of TLOP's 2016 release, "Pt. 2" is the album's first single to go platinum. The song features prominent interpolations of Desiigner's "Panda," which helped the young New York rapper's single turn five times platinum.

In June 2016, Kanye's team decided that they would push both parts of "Father Stretch My Hands" to radio stations as TLOP's second single after "Famous." There were rumors at the time that Kanye and Desiigner were going to shoot a music video for "Pt. 2," but that never came to fruition. Instead, Kanye made a brief cameo in the "Panda" music video.

Complex caught up with Desiigner in 2016, and he told us the story about how he heard "Pt. 2" for the first time in a car surrounded by paparazzi in Los Angeles.

"We was at LAX," he explained. "I know you've probably seen the footage when we were at LAX. We were in the car and he played it to me. We go in the car and we were just bumping and dabbing and everything. He was like, 'I did some work to this. How do you feel about this?' I was like, 'Hell yeah, Yeezy, let's do it.'"

Celebrate The Life of Pablo's two-year anniversary by giving it another spin below.