Jhené Aiko isn’t afraid to put it all out there.

Earlier this week, the singer’s boyfriend Big Sean shared an Instagram post to promote his upcoming Unfriendly Reminder Tour with Playboi Carti. Though the image wasn’t too notable—just a simple side profile shot of the rapper—it apparently got Aiko worked up. And she wasn’t afraid to let the world know.

“I wanna hump that face,” she wrote in the comments section. It was an amusing message that was straight to the point; however, Aiko didn’t stop there. She followed up the comment with, “How u look at me right before I sit on ur face… Like a pure baby angel.”

Aiko, who began dating Sean in 2016, has never been afraid to express her feelings toward the rapper. She has spoken about their relationship on many occasions, and even went so far as to getting his face tattooed on her arm.

In a 2017 interview on the Breakfast Club, the singer was asked what kind of “maniac” she considers herself to be. Was she the of the sexual variety? Or the “burn all your clothes up” type?

“I’ve never burned up anyone’s clothes. It’s more of a hop on a dick kind of maniac,” she said. I am about to be 29 years old in March, so I think I can talk about hopping on dicks and I have an 8-year-old.”

Keep doing you, Aiko.