If you’re just starting out in the rap game and think you have a shot at the big leagues, you might wonder what it would take to get a nod from a major artist like Gucci Mane. Surely a feature from someone like that would help more than posting your SoundCloud links on the comments of every single social media post, right? Well, Gucci has now officially answered that question, and it looks like if you want to work with him specifically, all you really need is a lot of money.

Guwop took to his Instagram recently to answer some fan questions. One asked, “How could an indie artist get a feature from you?” and Gucci’s answer got straight to business.

“Indie artists gotta have some major paper,” Gucci said on an Instagram Live, captured in a video by All Urban Central. “If an indie artist got some major paper, I’mma give him some fuckin’ with,” he repeated. “I respect the independent hustle, you know, I came from that, but you gotta come correct. Ain’t no other way around it.”

Gucci has been known to give artists and producers like Migos, Young Thug, Mike Will Made-It, and Metro Boomin a chance before they were famous, and clearly his intuition was correct. But you can bet that Jake Paul collab, “It’s Everyday Bro,” also didn’t come cheap (that feature allegedly cost Paul as much as $250,000. Yes, Jake is Logan Paul’s brother, and he’s just as annoying.

The independent game may be a harder hustle for up-and-coming artists, especially those that don’t have bags to secure features from the likes of Gucci, but a life free from the constraints of a label does have its advantages. It’s something Gucci himself promised to do last year.

2018 I'm going 100 percent independent and dropping a mixtape every other day 🤷🏿‍♂️#MrDavisTheAlbum

— Gucci Mane (@gucci1017) September 22, 2017

Although that promise hasn’t quite been fulfilled yet, he’s certainly keeping busy: with a biopic on the way, perhaps another book, yet another new album after last year's El Gato the Human Glacier and Mr. Davis, plus that fabulous newlywed life, Gucci certainly has a lot on his plate right now.