In January, former Republic Records president Charlie Walk was accused by former colleague Tristan Coopersmith of sexual misconduct. After her initial account, three additional women came forward with accounts of sexual harassment that involved the record executive. 

Walk was put on leave by Universal Music Group shortly after these accounts became public, prompting Walk to resign from his position as judge on The Four as well. Then on Thursday, five more women who worked with Walk during his time at Columbia and Republic Records came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct. 

In a report from Rolling Stone, former regional promotion manager for Columbia Records Pam Kaye came forward and said, "He took his hand and put it down the front of my pants. I had to subtly try to get his hand away. It's like a game. He would test the limits as much as he could."

Kaye explained that this instance was part of a larger pattern of harassment from Walk. She says there were times that he exposed his penis to her and claims Walk would repeatedly toss her onto a couch in his office, lay on top of her, and attempt to kiss her. Kaye tells Rolling Stone, "He thought it was funny. I'd always push him off."

Walk's former executive assistant at Columbia Records says she lived through "near-daily" harassment from her boss. "Every day was a day of fear," she explains. "It was really scary and depressing and probably the worst time of my professional life. Early on in my job, he sat uncomfortably close to me and told me that he could lift my career to extraordinary heights but that I had to be ready to do 'whatever it takes.' He was clearly implying that I needed to be willing to sleep with him. As he was saying this, he got up close to my face and winked in a very flirty manner. I completely froze up. I was afraid of him. It made me feel horrible."

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Walk denies all allegations.

"I did not do these things and this is not who I am," he writes. "Throughout my career I have always sought to conduct myself professionally and appropriately. It is upsetting to be presented with false claims from long ago that I know to be untrue and were never reported. I support the national discussion taking place right now because I believe fully in the importance in treating everyone with respect and dignity at all times."