If you're not up on Los Angeles' own Tre Capital, allow the video for "Blue Eyes White Dragon Flow" to be your introduction. The track, which is the official single for his forthcoming album Hero, shows off Tre's flow, and the video definitely encapsulates his energy. He's the kind of guy who's so lit he's a party of one, turning up in the middle of an alley in Los Angeles by himself.

Tre says that the clip is him showing "an entirely new sense of rareness by reverting back to my childhood memories." One has to imagine that as a kid growing up in Los Angeles, he spent time in those streets learning a lot about life with his squad and by himself. "I felt the beginning of 2018," Tre says, "was the perfect time" to drop this clip in particular, especially since we're "in [a] music climate where everyone chooses to remain more of the same rather than pushing the creative envelope further to release this visual."

It's his first visual since 2015, and even if it looks like there isn't much going on, Tre breaks down what you're seeing clearly. "I am seen heading towards the city with a ski mask ready to turn my back on the city that raised me due to the fact my heart once resided in that betrayal. Mid-way," Tre continues, "I realize my purpose isn't to destroy, rather speak and use my only life to change not only the city nor the country, yet the entire world."

Check out Tre's "Blue Eyes White Dragon Flow" video up above and grab the single on iTunes.