Peter Rosenberg is perhaps best known as a co-host on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, but the hip-hop personality has announced that he's looking to put together an album in the near future. From the sounds of the podcast he used to announce the project, he's got pretty big ambitions for it, too.

On his podcast, Rosenberg Radio, he sat down to announce the news. "It's time, why not put out an album," he said at the 0:50 mark. Previously Rosenberg has released two mixtapes, with What's Poppin' Vol. 1 in 2011, and The New York Renaissance in 2013. "I've always known that [with an album] I could do something special based on the relationships I've developed and my ear," he continued to explain. "It would be a compilation, like a DJ Khaled [album]," he said at the 3:20 mark. "This has been a thing DJs been doing since the beginning of time."

In the past, he's got Raekwon, Action Bronson, and Kendrick Lamar to work with him. But he doesn't want to just make any compilation, he says that he's looking to do something extra special for the currently untitled album. Later in the podcast, he starts reading comments suggesting who he should get to appear, while also explaining that he'd love to get Black Thought and Chris Rivers to a sequel to "Super Lyrical," Big Pun's 1998 track. Black Thought, of course, appeared on the track alongside Pun, and Chris Rivers is the late rapper's son.

With how long this idea has been brewing in his head, it seems as if he's confident it'll finally happen this year. Listen to the podcast in full here.