No One Ever Really Dies may be a month old already, but that doesn't mean album standouts like "Lemon" have lost even an ounce of their luster.

Pharrell, Chad, and Shay brought the Rihanna-featuring N*E*R*D comeback single to Ellen DeGeneres' stage Thursday. Though Rihanna wasn't in the house for the performance, the trio still managed to top their recent Jimmy Kimmel Live set by enlisting an army of dancers (including "Lemon" and "1000" star Mette Towley) to bring the bouncy anthem to life.

Pharrell also joined Ellen on the couch for a chat and to meet her favorite fitness trainer, 11-year-old Demarjay Smith.

The N*E*R*D vibes, which were sorely missed during the trio's seven-year absence, will continue with a headlining slot at the upcoming NBA All-Star Game halftime show. Pharrell is set to run through a medley of solo hits as well.


In addition to N*E*R*D's return, Pharrell has been busy as part of the production team behind Justin Timberlake's new album Man of the Woods. In fact, a discussion between Justin and Pharrell ultimately inspired the album’s title.

"It all worked out in a way, that we just got back together," Timberlake told Zane Lowe earlier this month. "Pharrell and I, and then obviously Chad came in as well, but a lot of discussion. Then we were talking about 'where do we start,' and we were talking about parenthood, and he said, 'What's your son's name?' And I said 'Silas, I named him after my grandfather, my great-grandfather.'" When he Googled the meaning of the name, he discovered that it was "of Latin origin, meaning man of the woods."