Following Lil Peep's overdose on Xanax and Fentanyl in November, the late rapper's family and collaborators have ensured fans that his unreleased music will eventually see the light of day.

Lil Peep's mother, specifically, has taken it upon herself to get her son's material out into the world. She spearheaded an effort to release a video for his hit single "Save That Shit" in December and she's been reaching out to Peep's old collaborators, asking them to release his music.

This week, electronic producer Marshmello announced the coming release of a collaboration that he recorded before Peep passed. After some blowback from fans, Marshmello explained that he wasn't planning on releasing it until Peep's mother personally reached out and asked him to.

Marshmello shared a snippet of the song on Wednesday, and now the track has arrived—representing Lil Peep's first new music since he has died. Straying from the glossy, electronic style we usually hear from Marshmello, "Spotlight" is more in line with the grungy pop-punk aesthetic Lil Peep was known for, making for a welcome addition to his catalog.

"Spotlight" will be available on all streaming services at midnight. You can listen via YouTube above.