When Seattle rapper Sol isn't supporting the local sports teams or linking up with folks from The Town, he's cooking up new material for his fans, who receive a gift on his birthday (Dec. 7) in the form of "Legacy."

"Birthdays are a fairly weird and vain concept to me, but in order to make them fun I've created a tradition of sharing new music with the people who most appreciate what I do," Sol tells Complex via email. "This way we can celebrate the art together instead of just making the day about me."

The track, which is produced by longtime collaborators Nima Skeemz and Elan Wright, finds Sol taking a trip down memory lane and how that's shaped his life. "I remember days we would waste by/Make believe on the stage in the backyard/Now we got the whole city as the backdrop/You can really touch the people making hip-hop," he raps.

"'Legacy' felt like a fitting song to release both on my birthday and at this specific moment in my career," he explains. "At this point I've been creating music for most of my life. I'm much more able to reflect on my past and think about my future as an artist and decide what kind of legacy I want to have. This reflection affects everything from the way I write to the way I choose to carry myself, and is something everyone can do when they have put in that time, no matter what they do.” 

Check out "Legacy" below and send Sol some birthday wishes on social media. He also dropped new merch for his previous single "If You Don't Call," which you can grab on his official website. Those in the Seattle area can catch Sol opening for Macklemore on Dec. 22 at the KeyArena; tickets are available here