Is Lil Pump single-handedly saving the rap game? One high school student thinks so.

Gabriel Craig, a junior at Pottsgrove High School, gave an impassioned speech about why Lil Pump is saving hip-hop. Is it an outlandish take? Maybe to the rap pundits. But Gabriel is out here representing the youth, defending his claim with a few strong points.

“When Lil Pump’s songs came out, they reached a broad audience from all different backgrounds. His iconic, repetitive lyrics have been heard by everyone.”

“Without Lil Pump, the rap game would be like the United States government. Only controlled by a few selected billionaires. Thankfully, the rap game is controlled by common people – all thanks to Lil Pump.”

“[Lil Pump’s lyrics] may seem like raunchy, repetitive lyrics on the outside, but on the inside, they represent life, love, and they inspire young people to go out and believe in their dreams.”

“Lil Pump is similar to Jesus.”

Now, Gabriel’s idea that Lil Pump saved SoundCloud sounds good in theory, but it is not true unless there’s some hard data to back it up. The same goes for his thoughts on Spotify not looking out for indie rappers who want to have their music heard. But you have to give it up for how he delivers his speech; it was really convincing.

Obviously, this is going to piss off people who think Lil Pump should not be in the same conversation, as say, Black Thought. Really you should just enjoy watching how passionate this kid sounds and get a laugh out of it.