An unfinished version of a song from Drake called “Pistols” has surfaced online.

In the past few months, Drake has hinted that he’s back in the studio working on music, despite his earlier claims that he was taking a break to focus on his television and film projects. Recently, he’s been locked in with producer Pi’erre Bourne and possibly dropping some big collabs with Dipset and Tekno.

“Pistols” does not contain lyrics from what Odell Beckham Jr. teased on Instagram, but it’s a different vibe for him. Keeping in tune with his global ambitions, the song draws from Spanish influences for Drake to share thoughts on paranoia and lust. “I've been sleeping with a pistol in my bed/I rather have you here instead/I gotta get out of my own head/Don't let me down, come here right now,” he raps.

You can listen to the song via HipHop-N-More.

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