Creek Boyz, a Baltimore rap group consisting of Turk P. Diddy, Fedi Mula, J. Reezy, and ETS Breeze, got love from music blogs for their song “With My Team.” Surprisingly, it’s the first song they’ve ever recorded together, showcasing good chemistry in the studio is all you really need to make a great song. It brings a new uplifting energy to other crew anthems from the DMV that have come out this year, and you’ll find yourself playing this when you’re with your closest friends, feeling blessed to be in each other’s company.

Creek Boyz are premiering the remix to “With My Team” on Complex, which features Lil Yachty. Yachty rides A2rBeatz’ production pretty easily like he should have been on the original version. He raps a verse for your #squadgoals IG captions, with lines like “Shout-out to the Creek Boyz, I got five different whips/They all look like car toys, hot wheels making noise!” The other guys offer different verses to give the song new life. “It’s gonna be fine, ‘cause everyday I’m with my team” is a good motto to end a tumultuous year on.

On why they decided to get Yachty on the remix, Creek Boyz said it happened organically.

"We ran into Yachty in B-more at a promotional event and chopped it up. So when it came time to do a remix for 'My Team' Yachty just made sense to us," they said. "When the label sent his verse that shit was fire and made it easier for us to go back in and blaze it with new lyrics. Shout out to his team Quality Control and our team 410 Global/Unuathorized."

Check out the remix below.