Back in March, Kendrick Lamar released "The Heart Part 4," dropping what many felt was the latest dart in the ongoing battle of words between K-Dot and Big Sean. The Detroit rapper may have penned a few bars for Kendrick on DJ Khaled's "On Everything" back in June in response, but it's been quiet between these two since then... that is until Sean and Metro Boomin' released their collaborative album Double Or Nothing today.

On the album cut "Big Bidness," it sounds like Sean is doubling back at the shots many thought Kendrick took at him on "The Heart Part 4." At least, that's what the people are feeling.

It would appear that he was. Here are the lines in question, which occur at the very end of the track.

Nobody sonning me
If am a sun, I'm the one you look up to
Fuck you

That sounds like a pretty direct reply to Kendrick's line on "The Heart Part 4": "My fans can't wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil shit." Note the use of "son/sonning/sun."

The way this beef seems to be rolling out, we might never get confirmation on any of these shots back and forth between Kendrick and Sean. As of right now, if you were a theorist, you'd have more than enough evidence that would lock these two in a years-long conflict. The question is, how long will it be before Kendrick picks up his pen and sends another shot?

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