Good production is the core of a great song. The way the synths are arranged, the way the lyrics connect, the way the bass bumps, and the way the drums set the rhythm all play a part in the simplest of questions; is this song good, or wack? For decades, producers have made a living off of their flexibility and initiative to help craft an artists’ sound and curate a hit song, all for a small percentage of royalties and a credit in the album booklet.

In the years leading up to 2017 however, the role of the producer has transcended from behind their midi keyboards and into stardom. Producers now stand next to artists in the limelight, and instead of album credits, they make albums. Producers, whether they’re making a beat or writing a song, are today’s tastemakers. Their unique styles and formulas are just as recognizable as artists like Drake or Future, and have enough star power to curate and perform shows all on their lonesome.

In light of Swedish duo BC Unidos’ debut EP Bicycle, we’ve conjured a list of producers who have transcended from behind the decks into stardom. From masters of the MPC, all the way to multi-platinum pop stars, it’s clear the producer will continue to dominate into 2018.


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