We already know that T-Pain likes textin' his ex. But it appears he's taken his iPhone-using game to the next level.

In a new video for Highsnobiety, the rapper-ternt-sanga instructs us on how to use that scary new smartphone tool, Animojis—those cartoon characters you can get to imitate your own face and voice. 

He goes through a number of different situations, saying which Animoji would be appropriate for each. There's leaving your job (a robot because "your boss and co-workers are robots"); requesting nudes (cat if you're requesting from a woman; monkey if from a guy); a puppy for condolences ("unless someone's puppy just died. Don't send that one then."); and more.

T-Pain's favorite? The poop emoji, which he suggests for both breakups and apologies. For longtime fans, this should come as no surprise. He defended the often-maligned character back in 2015. 

For more of T-Pain's thoughts about Animojis, iPhones, and why the engineer who designed Animojis is "fucking anybody he wants to right now," watch the entire video above.

You can also check out T-Pain's recent appearance on Everyday Struggle below, where he shared his thoughts on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj feud.