Did Nicki Minaj's Paper cover truly #BreakTheInternet? It's hard to say; the collective internets were definitely in their emotions when it dropped, and many felt some type of way when Eve made comments on the image.

My WiFi wasn't hampered, though I will say that with the way Nicki's cover is getting the meme treatment, I might fuck up some bandwidth hitting the refresh button on my Twitter timeline.

For what it's worth, the image is pretty damn meme-worthy. Three Nickis, dressed very provocatively, lowkey getting sexual with each other? The entire recipe for dank meme-dom is right there.

All one needs to do is, say, throw three Bojack Horsemen in Nicki's place.

feelin’ myself #breaktheinternet pic.twitter.com/MuiWpCoWlI

— BoJack Horseman (@BoJackHorseman) November 17, 2017

Or, I don't know, give it a Rick from Rick & Morty vibe.

"I turned myself into @NICKIMINAJ , Morty! Its Ricki Minaj !!!"

Ricki Minaj by @JKingTheArtist

CC @papermagazine x @RickandMorty
Photography by @EllenVUnwerth

Enjoy!!! pic.twitter.com/HLqBuQ2Zte

— J. K I N G (@JKingTheArtist) November 15, 2017

Or just call the god Tw1tterPicasso to put his unique spin on Nicki's iconic cover.

@NICKIMINAJ fan art pic.twitter.com/fNA2gnOqmC

— Ballpoint Papi (@Tw1tterPicasso) November 16, 2017

One genius even recreated the Paper magazine cover with actual paper!

End of the day, this is pretty dope. I just hope we get MORE of these over the weekend. It's cold, and once you're done watching The Punisher or Justice League, you gotta get your meme on, right?