For those who weren’t privy to the goings on of Friday night’s BET Hip Hop Awards taping, there was much to discuss. Cardi B simultaneously showed her Chrissy Teigen “crying face” and continued living her best life. Trick Daddy and Rick Ross publicly settled a beef that had been simmering for years, and Uncle Luke dropped the kind of raw, emotional statements that landed him and the late Fresh Kid Ice in front of a Federal district judge on trumped-up obscenity charges.

By Luke’s own admission, he may have inadvertently spit some ether Friday, as he received the “I Am Hip Hop Award” for his contributions to the culture. It’s unknown exactly what the pioneering rapper and executive said about Funkmaster Flex and DJ Red Alert, but whatever it was, Luke felt the need to clear the air Saturday morning.

“Let me straighten out something before it gets to the point where hating bloggers take over and misinterpret something,” Luke said, in a video he posted to Instagram Saturday morning. “My teleprompter went out…yes it did, like I said. So I shot from the hip. And you know, when I shoot from the hip, some things come out, and people interpret some things where they misinterpret. Some people may have misinterpreted that I said something bad about Funkmaster Flex and Red Alert.”

There’s a pretty distinct line of demarcation between saying “something bad” about someone and calling them a “friend for life,” but somehow Luke blurred that line with his comments. At press time, no verified footage of Luke’s remarks has been made available. 

Luke finished things up by saying “I love those guys” in regards to Funkmaster Flex and Red Alert, and noted that they introduced his and 2 Live Crew’s music to several key New York and East Coast markets.

While we got no footage of the comments, confirmation that they were made lends credence to the theory that Luke is no stranger to controversy. Luther Campbell is the man who beefed with Death Row, took on the Supreme Court, and helped draw some unwanted federal eyes to the University of Miami’s football program. He also conducted interviews featuring women performing fellatio while on camera, and it seems the black Hugh Hefner’s complicated legacy is still being written.