Because of the world we live in, there seems to only be a few women in the hip-hop game that people talk about. Think about it: even though Cardi B is the people's champ, the conversation immediately cycled to how Nicki Minaj would be reacting to Cardi's "Bodak Yellow" going No. 1, or Cardi being a "poor man's Nicki" or how Cardi reacts when Nicki is even mentioned in conversation. That said, you can't have Nicki's ex Safaree on Everyday Struggle and NOT expect Akademiks or Joe Budden to ask him about the Cardi/Nicki situation.

Around the 30:45 mark in the video up above, Ak point-blank asks Safaree if he feels Cardi has Nicki sweating, to which Safaree simply says, "100 percent." When Budden asks Safaree why he feels that way, he replies, "Because I know how she is." Nicki did tweet congrats to Cardi when the news was announced, to which Safaree chalks up to one thing: "You can't like... a hater." Why would he think she was playing a role as opposed to being sincere with her congrats? Safaree says "if you know somebody, you don’t even have to second guess or wonder."

That wasn't the only time Nicki's name came up, though. After shying away from breaking down what, specifically, he wrote for her during their relationship, Safaree also answered the question of Nicki possibly falling off by changing from one mink coat to another (28:18 in the video), harkening back to that viral freestyle from back in September.

What Safaree would get into is the altercation with Meek Mill's crew during the BET Awards weekend back in June. As Safaree puts it (around the 14:55 mark), the funny thing was that "I was waiting for my security," which drew laughs from the crew. He was outside for "30 seconds" talking to "a camera dude" that he knew. Safaree then said he was speaking with DJ Self when all of the sudden, "Boom, I just felt that shit happen in the back of my head." After getting hit, Safaree remembered that he saw "two people" coming at him "from the front," and "another group of more people coming at me from the side," and that's when he started running. He eventually got caught by a bunch of people and getting hit by the side of a car (Safaree remembers just seeing "feet shuffling"), and when he had an open moment, he took off.

When asked about his friend that stayed to fight, Safaree says he "didn't even realize what was happening," and that he "wanted to go back," but at that point the people who beat on him were gone.

Safaree got into so much more, from feeling like he has a "black cloud" over him to his lifestyle these days. You can check out all of the full interview with Safaree on Everyday Struggle up above.