Pathetic dweebs' "soap opera, bored housewives bullshit" is on Iggy Azalea's mind today. In response to a bunch of poorly written gossip articles alleging various goings-on between Azalea and Odell Beckham Jr., the "Switch" singer took Instagrammed aim at those dragging her "name in the mud" with another round of apparent bullshit.

"Stop trying to make me and Odell a thing," Azalea wrote early Friday morning. "We weren't dating back in May and we aren't dating now! I try my best to stay quiet and not let the things I see written throw me off; but today this shit is taking a toll on my REAL, PRIVATE LIFE and the people in it I care about in a way that's got me losing sleep."

Azalea added that she's done nothing but mind her own business and advised everyone to keep her name of their "fan fiction" comprised of those aforementioned ingredients of soap opera and bored housewives bullshit. "That shit you say for fun and games really [affects] peoples' real relationships," she said.

Check Azalea's full 'grammed note below.

This year has seen the release of two more singles from Azalea's forthcoming album Digital Distortion. In addition to the Eric Weaver and the Family-produced "Switch," which dropped back in May, Azalea also released the official video for "Mo Bounce."

Digital Distortion's release has been pushed back multiple times. As Azalea revealed in July, Def Jam has decided to not release any addition singles from the album. An updated release date has not been announced.