Projecting your own theories onto the lyrics of an artist is a thankless task. Only the artist really knows what they're writing about. Still, here we are less than 24 hours into the release of Super Slimey doing exactly that. The surprise-released Young Thug and Future collab, featuring 13 tracks from an expertly curated selection of producers, has no shortage of highly quotable passages. On standout "Real Love," specifically, some were immediately convinced that Future was using a few lines to express his current thoughts on one-time fiancée Ciara.

In the Fuse 100-produced track's second verse, Future first sets off the Ciara theorists' alarms with a hawks (REACH ALERT, but: Seahawks?) reference:

"The agent just called, said the Hawks was available, I’m ready"

Future follows this line with a nod to the GT. As HotNewHipHop noted Friday, Ciara once drove a Continental GT V8. Future also mentions a lawsuit, which may or may not be a tip of the hat to the legal standoffs he and Ciara have experienced since their split:

You're all about the hawk n***a, that G5 is calling you
It's pink way more than I ever imagined
I done measured it so I'm higher than Aladdin
No swaps out, I'm undecided whenever I pop out
I had the swerve for four years, Still under forty thousand miles
Bought the Bentley coupe and a bedspread on the same day
She drove the GT and fell in love with it the same day
She told me it was her favorite car, she dreamed about it
I couldn't walk away, my ego all in the way
I dropped cash on it, she told me she loved me even more
These photos and Quaaludes, they got me dehydrated
Turn on me, sue me, now nothing seems to amaze me
I left on a commercial flight and downgraded
If I can change anything I wouldn't erase it

Given Future's lines near the end of the verse, he has no regrets about how this relationship—Ciara or otherwise—turned out. Of course, fans have already started piling on to the This Is About Ciara theory, a pile-on that almost always follows any new Future release.

Regardless, the tape is solid.