Watch Frank Ocean Serenade Brad Pitt During His FYF Fest Performance

The FYF Fest has a clear winner, as Frank Ocean brought out Brad Pitt to sit on a phone and be seranaded during a cameo.

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The 2017 FYF Fest already offered a diverse, star-studded lineup, with the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Missy Elliott and Run The Jewels scheduled to perform. But Frank Ocean may have generated the weekend’s biggest headline by bringing out Brad Pitt for a cameo during his set.

For those who haven’t followed Ocean and Pitt’s mutual appreciation, things reportedly began with Pitt’s May profile in GQ magazine. While discussing his planned departure from characters going through what he called “pain tourism,” Pitt revealed he’d just begun to understand R&B for the first time and credited the Odd Future member.

“I've been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean,” Pitt told GQ. “I find this young man so special. Talk about getting to the raw truth. He’s painfully honest. He's very, very special. I can't find a bad one.”

Apparently, Ocean caught wind of the comments, as the singer was spotted rocking a t-shirt with Pitt’s face imprinted on the front during a June performance at the Parklife Festival in Manchester, UK.

Fast-forward to Saturday night in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, and the 53-year-old actor and producer could be seen on a cell phone being serenaded by Ocean. The song of choice was “Never Can Say Goodbye” by the Jackson 5. Given the somewhat unexpected nature of the pairing, Twitter was appropriately lit.

Brad Pitt just joined Frank Ocean on stage. Now, that was a surprise. #fyffest2017

By all accounts, Pitt just sat and listened while on a phone. The randomness of the cameo was not lost on the crowd.

Frank ocean literally just serenaded brad Pitt on stage
spike brought out brad pitt for the visuals 🔥🔥 #frankocean #fyf
frank ocean, spike jonze, and brad pitt all on the same stage. I hope everyone there appreciates the magnitude of what they just saw

Attendees also pointed out director Spike Jonze was on hand, leading to speculation of Pitt and Frank Ocean possibly collaborating on something film-related. As for now, such a partnership is merely another case of Twitter running with a fan theory. 

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