Our planet is literally dying, and you know who doesn't give a single fuck? The alleged president of the United States of America, Donald John Trump. The neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief, however, isn't alone in this stance in the current makeup of our government. Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Jeff "Make America Alabama Again" Sessions, and many more are also flopping around the White House denying science. For artist and activist Vic Mensa, the solution here is clear: get these idiots out of our government.

Speaking with Billboard backstage at Tuesday night's Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief telethon, Mensa said offering thoughts and prayers for Harvey and Irma victims simply isn't enough. "I haven't heard enough in this entire storm fiasco really holding people to a standard of honesty," he said. "You can't come out and say 'We pray for Houston, we support Houston,' and then deny climate change."

Mensa added that proactively acknowledging climate change, which he says is "100 percent a reality," should be a requirement for those holding a position in government. "We need to take preventative measures, and we need to remove anyone in our government that doesn't think we do," Mensa said.

Mensa has frequently used his growing platform to call attention to pressing issues. Speaking with Complex Australia in August, Mensa said the time is now for artists to be bold about their political convictions. "Donald Trump is just ostracizing and dividing people and the world's political climate right now is really in shambles, and I think that this is a moment at which people with a voice and with a platform can't afford to be subordinate and docile," he said.

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