Taylor Swift isn't exactly a huge fan of the lawsuit brought against her 2014 hit "Shake It Off." Songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler claimed in a suit field in U.S. federal court in Los Angeles that the song used a phrase they copied for the 2001 3LW song "Playas Gon' Play," Reuters reported Tuesday. The songwriters are seeking unspecified damages and a jury trial, but Swift’s team isn’t even remotely convinced of the merits of their case.

In a statement Monday, Swift's reps said the songwriters' suit was a merely an attempt at making some bucks. "This is a ridiculous claim and nothing more than a money grab," Swift's reps said. "The law is simple and clear. They do not have a case." Hall and Butler have taken specific issue with their song's line "players, they gonna lay, and haters, they gonna hate," which they allege was ripped off in Swift's "Shake It Off."


Though additional info regarding the specifics of the suit has not been released, TMZ claims to know that Hall and Butler want "a ton" of money for their claims. The two have individually collaborated with Aaron Carter, Victoria Beckham, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, and more.


Back in 2015, another artist—Jesse Graham—sued Swift for the same song using similar claims. Graham alleged that "Shake it Off" ripped off his own "Haters Gone Hate" track. "[Swift’s] hook is the same hook as mine," Graham claimed at the time. "If I didn't write the song 'Haters Gone Hate,' there wouldn't be a song called 'Shake It Off.'"