Sydney-based producer Endgrain is preparing to release his new EP Frame Relay and ahead of the September 29 drop we've got the whole thing to share exclusively. Across the six tracks, we're treated to a wide-ranging palette of sounds from high-energy club bangers to laid-back headphone moments. Apart from simply being a collection of tracks, as the producer explains below, the EP takes the bulk of its inspiration from the heart attack-inducing stress of losing all your work on a broken computer.

Endgrain explained to Complex via email: "Frame Relay is the result of a catastrophe of computer crashes, failed hard drives/lost project files, long nights, and months of mostly ups (and the occasional down) to bring a collection of original pieces I'm especially proud of to the world. Frame Relay has been about taking my influences and the music I listen to daily and merging those styles in an attempt to create something authentic and hopefully long lasting."