Playboi Carti’s influence on SoundCloud hasn't been limited to the music. He also established the irritating mindset that releasing very little music increases hype. Carti made it work, and time will tell how well it works for the teenaged Los Angeles rapper D Savage 3900, who's following that lead, and whose upcoming music may be some of the most anticipated releases on all of SoundCloud.

D Savage—aside from garnering millions of plays on anything he releases—has built a portion of his popularity through becoming what is effectively a social media teenage heartthrob. That, combined with his signing to Joey Fatts’ Cutthroat Records and the ushering in a new era of rapper where they no longer deny Chief Keef’s influence, D Savage has plenty going for him.

Similar to Lil Uzi Vert, D Savage has a knack for constructing music in which nearly everything he says is quotable, starting off his most recent song “Emotionless:" "I talk to Satan in my sleep I think he fuck with me/Cause I’m a demon emotionless when I’m off the lean.” His flow, which is tirelessly compared to Carti’s, includes low-pitched crooning that comes straight from the Chief Keef textbook. D Savage has also embraced SoundCloud’s snippet culture—his “I Know II” clip becoming one of the definitive snippets, and it led to the song's instant success. Now, he has a chance to be the top of this new SoundCloud class, as long as someone can get him off of Instagram Live, beefing with other burgeoning stars.