This week on "Complex Live," we hear from Trinidad James about the ups, downs and lessons from his career evolution. He breaks down everything from his "All Gold Everything" breakout and fallout, to how he climbed out of a low point in his life a few years ago and his return with his latest mixtape, Father Figga.

We also get to know fitness instructor Massy Arias, who explains how a healthy lifestyle got her out of a dark place and turned her life around -- and why she's hoping to inspire others to do the same. We commemorate the anniversary of September 11, 2001 by meeting a group of teens who born on that historic day who spend their birthdays helping those in need.

Plus, we meet Tony Liu, the creator of the rising clothing brand YOU AS, whose clothes have been worn by celebrities like Justin Bieber -- but he says his focus is on everyone, not celebrities. And, of course, host Speedy Mormon delivers his Big Fact of the Week, about the controversy surrounding the new Bodega startup. 

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