Though he's currently in the middle of his Set It Off Tour with H.E.R. and Metro Boomin, Bryson Tiller still found a bit of time in his busy schedule to drop a new video for one of the songs off his latest album True to Self. "Run Me Dry," an ode to his complicated relationship with his girlfriend, got the visual treatment on Tuesday, and Tiller kept it simple on this one, aside from the use of a couple dirt bikes.

Tiller sings/raps in "Run Me Dry" about that age old problem musicians have been singing about since the dawn of time: the person he's seeing might be more interested in his cash than anything about him as a person. The video is shot accordingly, with his love interest sort of lurking in the background and smiling for the camera while Tiller pours his heart out about the dilemma. Not all of us can relate to the gold-digging problem, but we can all probably sympathize with being in a relationship that isn't super healthy.

The Kentucky native has been relatively quiet since dropping True to Self in late May, but the music he has been involved with has been seriously impactful. His collaboration with DJ Khaled and Rihanna, "Wild Thoughts," has been one of the songs of the summer for 2017, and he claims to have some work in the vault with Drake, though he stressed that it wouldn't release until it was ready.

"I sent him a few songs," Tiller said of working with Drake. "He sent me a few songs. We just gotta see what happens … I don’t ever want to rush a song with nobody. I just want to put out the right song or the right project.”

Perhaps we'll see the product of that work soon, but in the meantime, your appetite for Tiller will have to be satiated by this visual treatment. You can watch the video for "Run Me Dry" up top.