The remaining members of Fifth Harmony have not exactly been sly about their distaste for Camila Cabello, the departed fifth member of their group who went solo in late 2016. In a now infamous interview with Billboard, they even went so far as to say, "the fans are our fifth member," shading the hell out of Cabello in the process.

They took their animosity to a new level during a performance at the 2017 VMAs, at first taking the stage with what appeared to be a full group of five. And then suddenly, right before the performance was about to begin, the group of five became four again, in quite dramatic fashion.

With the group taking the drama to an all-time high, fans lost their minds at the clear, outright disrespectful move, and they applauded the group for getting their petty on.

Not everyone was so charitable, however, and they feel the girls should move on.

If nothing else, you have to respect the audacity. You can watch the group's full performance with some assistance from Gucci Mane up top.